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The Full Story


FIREWATER was written as a dare to myself.  I sat on my rooftop one night and tried to imagine what my life might become.  Of all the possibilities, there was only one that I could imagine bringing me total happiness.  I knew the answer before I even asked the question.  I wanted to be a musical artist.  I wrote FIREWATER to reach an ethereal state.  To live in a sort of hypnotic glow.  I spent nights at the keyboard and days asleep.  I set aside my life, detoxed from the world around me, and allowed my internal world to materialize.  I have a rebellious heart and a free spirit.  And music allowed me to encapsulate it in effervescence.  For me, music is about freeing the soul and breaking away from limitations.  I hope that you experience that same freedom of motion and love for life.  Please come with me on this journey.


NYX MUSIC STUDIO is ground zero.  It started out at a piano and it became a whole production of sound.  Our music studio began in the small hours of the night among the neon lights of Manhattan.  It traveled to the quiet corners of Pennsylvanian woods, beneath flickering stars.  There could only be one name for our humble studio.  NYX.  She is the Goddess of the Night.  Elegant.  Mysterious.  Powerful.  It all begins and ends here.

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